robot sigue-lineas


Con esta guía va a poder armar tu propio "Robot Sigue-Linea" en 10 minutos.

Line followers are one of the most prominent kinds of robots. They have existed for a long time, but the technologies used for building them have changed significantly. In earlier versions, controller boards the size of bricks were used, but they have since shrunk and become tremendously powerful. Now, technology allows you to build a line follower in just under 10 minutes if you have the parts for it. Have fun with this quick and easy DIY hacking tutorial!

Lista de materiales

  • Arduino.
  • x2 Continuous rotation servo motors
  • Ball caster
  • Infrared sensor array, or a set of 6 IR LEDs and detectors
  • 1K and 10K resistors
  • Robot wheels — select wheels to fit servo
  • Chassis — usually a small acrylic board will do
  • x4 AA Duracell batteries and battery holder
  • Arduino IDE

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